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    Company Profile

    Jilin Yongli Laser technology co.,ltd.was founded in June 2005,located at the birthplace of Chinese first laser-Changchun,and focuses on researching ,...



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  • As Series CO₂ Laser Tube
    As Series CO₂ Laser Tube Adopting our own patented technology to modify the beam size and quality effectively that solves the beam distortion, increase the effective power. Inner lens upgraded. All inner lens and mirrors is imported lens that is customized by the U.S.II-VI Infrared. Adopting new catalytic technology to enhance coating firmness and catalytic consumption, stabler on longtime working, lifespan is longer.A6s, A8s are capable for thin metal and non-metal cutting, with better cutting performance.
  • B Series CO₂ Laser tube
    B Series CO₂ Laser tube B series laser is an integrated product aiming at engraving, marking industries, and equipped with laser power and red pointer to make it highly cost-effective. It cuts faster with better beam mode. Yongli Laser has been increasing R&D investments these years to make products better fit in niche markets based on optimized feedback information from the market and micro innovations.
  • Red Light Indicator
    Red Light Indicator based on years of production,R&D experience,we solved the invisibility issue of co2 laser transmission path。its smart design,stable performance,and optional batter box design are good for laser path alignment.
  • YL Series Laser Power Supply
    YL Series Laser Power Supply Based on our laser tube, our R & D department with years of experiments developed YL series and YL-U series power supply to match our laser tube . YL series was developed for our universal laser tube. They feature stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, small size and anti-aging. Strongly recommend to use our universal laser tube with our universal power supply together to achieve the best effects.
  • R Series CO₂ Laser Tube
    R Series CO₂ Laser Tube This series product is up-dated upon techniques and technology based on traditional products.20% increased in power on the basis of traditional products.Life extended 30-100%.This series has been testified by the market, good performance, and better cost-effeciency.
  • CG series CO₂ laser tube
    CG series CO₂ laser tube Our traditional products feature with cost-effective,mature stable technology, stable output power, and good spot mode. They have been recognized by the majority of customers and have been supplied to numbers of large laser machine manufacturers and exported to the world.
  • High Voltage connector
    High Voltage connector Wiring is more convenient: unlike the knob-type high-pressure joint in the past, this high-pressure joint adopts the button type. Only two high-voltage wires are inserted into the silica gel cap, the connection end is fastened, and finally the shell and the silica gel cap are fastened. Simple operation, minimize manual interference, save time and effort!
  • YL-S-III Desktop Power Meter
    YL-S-III Desktop Power Meter Fast response, high accuracy. Efficient thermal probe can measure a wide spectral range measurements. Receiving area with good uniformity. Water-cooled is suitable for measurements for long time.
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  • Patent certificate
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  • Patent certificate.
  • Patent certificate
  •  ISO9001 Quality Management System
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